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Modified Versions of Standard Products

Modified Versions of Standard Products  

The modification of a standard product is cost effective when a standard product lacks one or two features to meet application requirements. Modified standard products involve minimal development costs. Examples include:

  • Special hole patterns
  • Custom finishes or markings
  • Multi-axis configurations
  • Granite or steel machine bases
  • Cable management
  • Preparation for special environment

Custom Positioning Stages & Controls

Custom Positioning Stages & Controls  

Custom motion products designed to meet all customer requirements have moderate to higher development costs but yield lower productions costs when compared with standard product solutions. Examples include:

  • Low-profile X,Y,Z stage with internal cable management
  • Large aperture dual-drive open frame X,Y stage on granite
  • Very flat X,Y stage for vacuum operation
  • Eight axis programmable motion controller with integrated linear servo amplifiers


Custom Motion Platform


A custom motion platform goes a step beyond positioning stages or controls. It is the integration of key motion tasks with material handling and/or process control and monitoring. Custom motion platforms are assembled and tested as a unit. Examples include:

  • X,Y,Z,Θ stage on welded base with motion control panel
  • X,Y axes in vacuum chamber with integrated material load and un-load mechanism
  • X,Y,Z inspection mechanism with sample handler


Custom Gantry

custom gantry  

Custom Gantry with dual belt drive X axis, & ballscrew on all axes Custom bracketry



Dual Carriage Stage

Dual Carriage  

Heavy duty - independant dual carriage, with dual drivescrews & open center


Long Travel Precision Linear Stage on Granite

 Linear Stage on Granite  

This single axis system is an example of a custom design driven by the customer's performance requirements. The main goals for this project were:

  • +/- 10 arc-sec dynamic yaw over travel
  • 1m/s speed with high resolution encoder and 50lb load
  • Integrated air lines and digital I/O in cable management


High Vacuum Rated X,Y,Z,Theta Stage

 Custom XYZT  

This 4 axis system integrated system is an example of a custom design driven by the customer's performance requirements. The main goals for this project were:

  • Reduce footprint of assembly to 16" x 16" x 6" tall
  • Maintain +/- 3 micron repeatability for all linear axes, +/- 4 arc-sec for theta axes at tool point 4 inches above theta platen
  • Pull down to 10-6 torr in 3 minutes or less
  • Reduce cost of assembly


Fast Step & Settle

Application that requires fast move and settle will benefit from ACS Controls with MotionBoost.  MotionBoost is a motion profile technology developed in order to achieve minimal settling time and maximal dynamic performance. Specifically, it generates specially designed motion profiles at the real-time servo update rate (20kHz) resulting in very smooth and fast motion with durations as low as 100-500us. “MotionBoost” profile generation is superior to 2nd and 3rd order motion profiles in that it results in reduced drive current during aggressive moves allowing for increased throughput.

The following scope trace shows ACS with MotionBoost controlling a Parker mSR100 linear motor stage.  The stage makes a 1mm step move and settle to within +/-15 nanometers in 23 milliseconds.

Step & Settle Scope

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