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Parker ACR7000 Integrated Motion Controllers

A family of integrated, multi-axis motion controllers, the ACR7000 continues the success of the 9000 and IPA, with new, streamlined low power hardware solutions.

  • 800MHz ARM(R) Cortex(R)-A8 processor
  • Ethernet communications supports PC and I/O communications
  • High performance servo and stepper drive variants
  • 24-48VDC input power
  • Utilizes proven, powerful AcroBasic motion control
  • Servo drives rated to 8A continuous, stepper drives to 4A

Catalog & Specifications
ACR7000 Multi-Axis Servo Datasheet 
ACR7000 Multi-Axis Stepper Datasheet 

User Guides
ACR7000 Multi-Axis Stepper Wiring Guide 

Parker Motion Manager Software 

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