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Parker CTC PCA Industrial PC PowerStation

The PC Industrial PowerStation is an exciting addition to Parker's visualization portfolio. Sleek yet rugged, the Windows Embedded Standard 7P based industrial operator interface delivers a robust solution to panel PC applications while decreasing panel thickness and required cabinet volume.

New features include:

  • 64 GB Solid State Drive
  • Bay Trail N2930 1.86GHz, Quad Core Processor
  • 4 GB DDR3L 1600 MHz
  • Windows® Embedded Standard 7P
  • Sleek new Bezel Design and thinner profile
  • No display, 7", 10.1", 15.6" and 22" touchscreen displays
  • 2x USB ports
  • 2x Serial ports
  • 2 x 1 GB Ethernet ports
  • Multiple control device connectivity
  • Slim profile with consistent features
  • HAZ-LOC, Class 1 Div II available
  • 12-24 VDC power

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Parker CTC IPC PowerStations

The IPC PowerStations offer more for less than other Industrial Workstations: More power, more memory, more reliability all with less heat dissapation, power consumption and at a lower cost than competitive units.

  • Celeron or Dual Core
  • Rotating media or Solid State Disk
  • No Display, 10, 15 and 17 inch Display sizes
  • 15 inch model is offered in a Stainless Steel version

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Parker CTC XPC2 PowerStations

This CTC-designed and manufactured XPC PowerStation is a compact IndustrialPC with a 6, 8, 10 or 15 inch TFT panel mount touchscreen and a new non-display system.

  • Windows CE Version 5 Standard, Windows XP Pro Available
  • NEMA4/4X
  • Preconfigured Xpress Web Client
  • CompactFlash Storage
  • 2 USB ports, 2 serial ports and a 100BaseT Ethernet port

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Advantech 4U Industrial PC

Advantech 4U Industrial Computer

    Industrial 4U Rackmount system delivers great availability and massive expandability as your need grow.

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