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Cognex DataMan 150/260 Series

DataMan 150/260 Series Features

For 1-D linear barcodes, higher-density 2-D matrix codes, or direct part mark (DPM) codes, the DataMan 150/260 series fixed-mount, image-based ID readers deliver unprecedented performance, flexibility and ease of use.

Achieve high read rates

DataMan 150/260 series fixed-mount barcode readers achieve the highest possible read rates thanks to a high-speed, dual core processing engine that runs the latest Cognex algorithms.

1DMax™ with Hotbars II™ and 2DMax® with patent-pending PowerGrid™ technology decode damaged or poorly printed 1-D and 2-D codes, despite code quality, printing method or surface that the codes are marked on, and can even read 2-D codes without visible perimeters or quiet zones.

Simplify Installation in tight spaces

DataMan 150/260 series models offer straight or right-angled configurations to fit into the tightest spaces. In-line and ninety degree configurations eliminate the need for equipment redesign, and complicated wiring or optical paths with mirrors.

Reduce installation time and cost of ownership

Modular lighting and optics make it easy to change DataMan 150 and 260 series reader lenses and lighting in the field. This not only reduces installation time and resources, but protects the ID reader investment by making it easy to optimize performance for each application and accommodate future process changes.

Optimal image formation for any code

Codes on round, shiny, highly reflective, or specular surfaces very often require custom illumination to allow them to be read reliably. Low resolution codes and codes at long working distances also present reading challenges. Cognex’s modular technology makes reading these codes simple.

  • 16 mm lens - compared to the standard 6.2 mm lens, this lens can read smaller codes and codes at further working distances.
  • Liquid lens technology - the liquid lens module gives you the ability to perform autofocus with no moving parts.
  • High-powered Integrated Light (HPIL) - four high-powered red LEDs direct more light onto the code for better image formation. This feature is particularly useful for long distance code reading and high speed applications.
  • Half-polarized front cover - 2 polarized LEDs and 2 unpolarized LEDs can be configured for custom lighting for any application. The polarized LEDs are ideal for shiny, specular surfaces, while the unpolarized LEDS are for long distance and high speed applications. Fully polarized and un-polarized front covers are also available, and can be easily interchanged.

By simply pressing the Tune button on the reader, the reader automatically optimizes the lighting levels, focus, and lighting scheme for best image formation.

Easy to use tune and trigger buttons

The Tune and Trigger button allows for the setup of the application all without a PC or HMI. After mounting the reader, simply press the tune button. Whether the code is label based or a DPM code, the tuning algorithm trains the code and automatically adjusts the optics and lighting to deliver an image optimized for your application.

Once the reader has been tuned, the trigger button makes it easy to confirm that the reader has been set up properly. Audible beep or visual LED feedback makes it easy to know when the code is correctly read.

DataMan barcode reader quick setup app

This convenient web-based app allows you to remotely set up and configure your networked fixed-mount barcode readers on your phone or mobile device. Available from Google Play or iTunes App Store, this app allows you to see images in real-time, adjust and share configuration settings among multiple readers, save and send images, and much more. You can even troubleshoot issues and check read rates anywhere on your factory or distribution center floor without using a PC.

Perfect for DataMan 100/200 series retrofits

The DataMan 150/260 series readers utilize the same mounting configuration and pin out as the DataMan 100/200 series ID readers. This provides easy retrofits into existing DataMan 100/200 applications without adapter plates, or changes to mounting holes and wiring.

Because the standoff distance from the front of the reader to the code being read is exactly the same, the FOV achieved is the same and no changes to the machine layout, hardware or application are required.

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Cognex DataMan 8050

DataMan 8050 Series Handheld Barcode Reader Features

DataMan® 8050 series readers are equipped with Cognex’s world-class barcode reading algorithms and designed to withstand harsh factory floor conditions. The best in class algorithms decode even challenging barcodes quickly and easily including Direct Part Mark (DPM) codes. And, the flexible modular design ensures the DataMan 8050 series readers are ready to meet ever changing communication needs.

Modular Communications for Maximum Flexibility

The DataMan 8050 series of industrial barcode readers feature field interchangeable communication modules and enable one reader to be configured to meet specific communication needs.

Rugged Industrial Design

The DataMan 8050 series barcode readers are constructed to handle the harshest environments. Industrial features include: lanyard hook for easy retractor mounting, bright centralized aimer for clear targeting, loud beeper and indicator lights provide operator feedback.

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Cognex DataMan 50/60L

DataMan 50/60L

The DataMan® 50L/60L is a new series of compact barcode readers designed for 1-D oriented barcode reading. Small in size but exceptional in barcode reading performance, the DataMan® 50L measures just 23.5mm x 27mm x 43.5mm and features an IP65-rated housing. It is ideal for mounting in very tight spaces on production lines and in machinery. Both readers are equipped with Hotbars™, a proprietary image-analysis technology that delivers the highest read rates in the industry.

Unmatched read rate performance
With proprietary Hotbars™ technology, the DataMan 50/60L has the highest read rates of 1-D linear barcodes, including those that are damaged, distorted, blurred, scratched, low height, or low contrast.

No moving parts
Unlike laser scanners, the DataMan 50/60L contains no moving parts that can wear out and require replacement, providing a longer effective product life.

No read analysis
The ability to analyze “no reads” by letting the user see what the reader sees, either live on a monitor or through image archiving.

Available in two models:

DataMan 50L

  • Small size of 23.5mm x 27mm x 43.5mm
  • 1-D oriented barcode reading
  • IP65 rating
  • 752 x 480 image resolution
  • 60 fps image acquisition
  • USB and RS-232 communications

DataMan 60L

  • 1-D oriented barcode reading
  • IP40 rating
  • 752 x 480 image resolution
  • 60 fps image acquisition
  • Ethernet and RS-232 communications

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Cognex DataMan 300

The DataMan® 300 series of readers was developed to handle the most difficult-to-read DPM (Direct Part Mark) codes as well as challenging 1-D linear barcodes and 2-D Data Matrix codes and for indexed or high-speed lines.

Unmatched read rate performance

  • Decode the most challenging 1-D and 2-D barcodes with enhanced 1DMax+™ and 2DMax+™ code-reading algorithms
  • 2DMax+™ algorithm reads DPM codes no matter the mark type or surface
  • 1DMax+ with Hotbars™ technology provides higher read rates of damaged 1-D linear barcodes at a faster pace than ever before

Flexible lighting and optics

  • Controllable, field interchangeable red lighting module allows you to create the best possible lighting for your part, ensuring the highest read rates of DPM codes
  • The blue lighting module creates optimal lighting for PV solar wafer code reading
  • Flexible lens options—C-Mount lens, S-Mount or a variable focus liquid lens to provide maximum depth of field flexibility

Ease of deployment

  • Intelligent tuning automatically adjusts the settings of the integrated lighting to find the optimal light setup for the part
  • Cognex Connect™ communications suite supports industrial protocols
  • Also supports RS-232 for integration into legacy systems

DataMan 300 series is available in two base models
The DataMan 300 provides standard resolution of 800x600 pixels and the DataMan 302 is the high resolution model (1280x1024). The DataMan 302 is ideal for situations where a very small code is needed to be found within a very large field of view.

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Cognex DataMan 8600

DataMan® 8600 series image-based ID readers provide the world's most advanced barcode reading technology for decoding Direct Part Mark (DPM), 2-D and 1-D codes of varying sizes, quality and marking or printing methods. These handheld DPM barcode readers are designed for the harshest factory floor environments. Equipped with an advanced liquid lens imaging system and patented UltraLight® flexible lighting technology, the DataMan 8600 series of barcode readers decode the most challenging DPM barcodes on the widest variety of surfaces. And, the modular communication design supports Ethernet with Industrial Protocols as well as corded and wireless modules to ensure the DataMan 8600 series of readers are ready to meet your application communication requirements.

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Cognex DataMan 8000

The rugged DataMan 8000 Series of readers offers the industry’s most advanced technology for reading 1D and 2D codes regardless of size, quality, printing method or surface, and is the only handheld industrial ID reader that offers Industrial Ethernet communication and liquid lens technology.

The DataMan 8000 Series also features patented IDMax code reading software technology for optimum read rates.


  • Superior DPM reading performance for 2D codes and the reading of most major 1D symbologies
  • Integrated liquid lens technology for maximum application flexibility and depth of field
  • Modular communications support for RS-232/USB and Industrial Ethernet
  • Rugged ergonomic design for the demanding factory floor environment
  • The 8500 model features Cognex UltraLight® illumination (bright field, dark field and diffuse lighting) for all material types and surfaces
  • DataMan Setup Tool software for easy initial set up and application evaluation

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Cognex DataMan 800

The DataMan 800 reader, equipped with a 1.3 megapixel imager, offers high-performance features and superior image quality allowing you to read 1D and 2D barcodes accurately and quickly. The DataMan 800 provides true point-and-shoot barcode capture—there is no need to orient products to face the scanner window. And, a viewfinder ensures the image is properly captured the first time. Switch between hands-free and handheld operation to quickly, easily and safely scan larger items.

The DataMan 800 is designed to endure the rigors of everyday use with a 6ft./1.8m drop specification and a tempered glass exit window.

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Cognex DataMan 100/200 Series

Cognex DataMan® 100 and 200 Series readers provide the ultimate combination of high performance and versatility in an incredibly small fixed-mount ID reader. The readers provide 1D and 2D code reading on all models and the ability to read even the most challenging 2D direct part marks.

Cognex DataMan image-based ID readers represent a breakthrough in reader technology by combining unmatched code performance (up to 45 reads per second) and ease-of-use in a small, compact package. Lighting, camera, processor, and communications are all integrated into an exceptionally small, industrial-rated housing, making the DataMan fixed-mount readers ideal for the most demanding applications.

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Cognex DataMan 500

The DataMan 500 combines the benefits of image-based readers with the ease-of-use of today’s laser scanners and includes the following features:

High read rates

  • Image acquisition rates of up to 1,000 frames/second
  • Read the 1D and 2D barcodes that laser scanners cannot with IDMax® code reading technology

User visualization

  • See what the reader sees
  • Review live images now or later with automatic FTP image transfer
  • Easily diagnose “no-reads” allowing for quick corrections on the line


  • No moving parts, providing a longer product life!

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Cognex DataMan 700 Series

Cognex DataMan 700 Series Handheld ID Readers

DataMan 700 Series readers are the newest additions to the handheld family of Cognex high-performance ID code reading products. The DataMan 750 features award-winning Cognex IDMax® code reading software. General purpose 1D/2D reading applications are solved with the DataMan 750s readers. Both models have ESD Safe housing for electrically sensitive applications.

Compact size and ergonomic design make the 700 Series exceptionally easy to use, while the rugged design ensures long-term operation in industrial reading environments.

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Cognex DataMan 7500 Series

Cognex DataMan 7500 Series Handheld ID Readers

DataMan 7500 Series handheld readers set the industry standard for reading and verifying Direct Part Mark (DPM) codes for part traceability.

DPM Identification for part traceability demands rugged, self-contained readers and verifiers that perform consistently on all types of marks and parts. The DataMan 7500 Series readers are the only handheld products in industry that handle everything from the most challenging DPM marks to the easiest printed barcodes.

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