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IMS MDrive Microstepping

IMS Integrated motor and driver

MDrivePlus Microstepping versions feature step and direction control taking place digitally over optically isolated inputs:

  • Sizes: Nema 14, 17, 23, 34
  • Step Clock
  • Direction
  • Enable
Each step clock input pulse is converted to a motor microstep. Parameter setup is made with an IMS-supplied SPI interface program running on a Windows-based PC for:
  • Microstep resolution (up to 256 per full step or 51,200 per motor revolution)
  • Run current and hold current (in percent)
  • Direction of rotation (CW or CCW)
  • Digital filter for electrical transient suppression

Catalog & Specifications
M-Drive 14 Motor+Driver Microstepping Catalog
M-Drive 17 Motor+Driver Microstepping Catalog

M-Drive 23 Motor+Driver Microstepping Catalog
M-Drive 34 Motor+Driver Microstepping Catalog

User Guides
Nema 14 Quick Reference Guide
Nema 17 Quick Reference Guide

Nema 23 Quick Reference Guide
Nema 34 Quick Reference Guide
Nema 14 Hardware Installation Guide
Nema 17 Hardware Installation Guide
Nema 23 Hardware Installation Guide
Nema 34 Hardware Installation Guide
Programmers Guide

Nema14 1-Stack MDrive (stp)
Nema14 3-Stack MDrive (stp)
Nema17 1-Stack MDrive (stp)

Nema17 2-Stack MDrive (stp)
Nema17 3-Stack MDrive (stp)
Nema23 1-Stack MDrive (stp)
Nema23 2-Stack MDrive (stp)
Nema23 3-Stack MDrive (stp)
Nema23 4-Stack MDrive (stp)
Nema34 1-Stack MDrive (stp)
Nema34 2-Stack MDrive (stp)
Nema34 3-Stack MDrive (stp)

SPI Interface

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