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Omron STI T4011 Series

Omron STI T4011 Heavy-duty Metal Body Interlock

  • Rugged enclosure - the all metal housing and stainless steel actuator of the T4011 makes it suitable for harsh environments
  • Latching version - locks actuator in the switch until manually released. Prevents nuisance trips due to vibration
  • Four sets of contacts - 2 sets of contacts for dual channel safety monitoring and 2 additional sets of contacts for status monitoring
  • DIN mounting pattern for globally recognized mounting configuration
  • Rotatable head - provides 8 possible actuator entry positions for versatile installation
  • NEMA 6 enclosure - enables the T4011 to withstand water washdown cleaning
  • Long life - the T4011 is designed for a minimum of one million actuations

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Omron STI T2007 Series

Omron STI T2007 Miniature Tongue-Operated Switch

  • Miniature size-The smallest tongue-actuated safety interlock switch available. Ideal for smaller machines with space restrictions. Fits on 1 inch square tubing
  • NEMA 6 enclosure-Enables the T2007 with conduit entry or connector to withstand water washdown cleaning.
  • Rotatable head-Gives 8 possible actuator entry points for versatile installation. A blanking plug is supplied for the unused entry
  • Small swing radius-Allows use on doors with a swing radius as small as 2.5 inches when using the flex actuator with stainless steel guide
  • Long life-The T2007 with its stainless steel actuators and optional stainless steel guide is designed for one million actuations.
  • Safety switch conformity-By including the safety-related functions of force-guided contacts and a tamper-resistant mechanism, the T2007 conforms to the European safety standards indicated here.

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Omron STI SL Series

Omron STI SL Series Safety Limit Switches

  • Large selection-choose from a large selection of actuator configurations with either plastic or die-cast housings to satisfy most application requirements
  • Rotatable head provides 4 actuator mounting positions for versatile installation
  • Choice of contacts - your choice of Slow Break Before Make, Snap Action, or Slow Make Before Break Contacts
  • NEMA 6 enclosure enables the SL Series switches to withstand harsh environments
  • Positive operation-all contacts are force guided for positive operation by the actuator conforming to safety switch standards
  • Long life - the SL series is designed for a minimum of ten million actuations

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Omron-STI CM Series Safety Switches

Omron STI CM Series Magnetic Safety Interlock Switches & Controllers

  • Combine door switch monitoring and E-stop monitoring by using the CM-S41 controller
  • Monitor is single switch to CAT4 with the CM-S30 controller
  • Monitor multiple switches to CAT3 using CM-S4 or CM-S30 controllers
  • Monitoring multiple switches on individual channels can be achieved by using the CM-S21 or CM-S41 controllers. Easily expand your system by using the CM-SE expansion module
  • All CM switches are rated IP67
  • Stainless steel switches are available for harsh environments

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