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Electronic Line Card

Parker Compumotor

Parker Compumotor – Rotary & Linear Servo Motors, Servo Drives & Drive/Controllers, Stepper Drives & Drive/Controllers, Multi-Axis Servo/Stepper Controllers

Parker Daedal

Parker Daedal – Screw Driven Linear Tables, Belt Driven Linear Modules, Linear Servo Motor Tables, Manual Driven Stages, XYZ Robotic Gantry Systems, Multi-Axis Systems

Parker Trilogy

Parker Trilogy – Ironless & Ironcore Linear Servo Motors and Servo Positioners

Parker Bayside

Parker Bayside – Planetary Gear Reducers (Inline & Right-Angle), Linear Positioning Stages, Gearmotors, Frameless motors

Parker CTC

Parker CTC – Industrial HMI’s and PC’s, Soft PLC’s, I/O Modules, Industrial Monitors, Operator Interfaces

Parker IPS

Parker IPS – Structural Aluminum, Linear Motion Extrusions, Safety Guarding and Enclosures, Aluminum Profile Systems


ACS Motion Control – Multi-Axis Servo/Stepper Controllers, Panel and Rack Mounted Controllers, PC-Based Controllers


Advantech – Industrial PC’s, Panel Computers, Touch Panel PC’s, Industrial Flat Panel Monitors, Industrial HMI’s


Alpha Wittenstein – Planetary Gear Reducers (Inline & Right-Angle), Zero-Backlash Servo Couplings


Cognex/DVT – Machine Vision Sensors, Hand-held Readers, 2D Data Matrix Readers, Lighting, Lenses

Copley Copley Controls – Digital Brushless Servo Drives and Controllers, Commercial and Ruggedized Platforms for user and OEM Applications
Empire Magnetics

Empire Magnetics – Custom Servo & Stepper Motors, Vacuum Rated, Waterproof, Extended Temperatures, Hazardous & Cryogenic


Exlar – Linear and Rotary Actuators, Roller Screw Actuators, Component Roller Screws


Heidenhain – Linear Encoders (Glass & Tape-Scale), Rotary Encoders, Digital Readouts, Length Gauges


Kuroda – Precision Ground, Rolled, and Custom Ball Screws, Linear Guide and Ball Screw Integrated Actuators

Lin Engineering

Lin Engineering – Stepper Motors, Custom Stepper Motors, Integral Stepper motor/drive


Navitar – Machine Vision Lens, High Magnification Imaging Optics, Large Format Lenses.

Nippon Bearing

NB – Linear Bearings, Square Rail Bearings, Round Rail Bearings, Linear Actuators


Newall – Incremental & Absolute Linear Encoders, Digital Readouts, Laser-Scales, Gauging

Precise Automation

Precise Automation – Collaborative Robots, SCARA Robot, 6-Axis Robot, Cartesian Robot

Primatics Primatics – Standard Precision Linear and Rotary Positioning Stages, Custom Stage Designs, Integrated Single and Multi-Axis Stepper and Servo Motion Controllers

Renishaw – Linear Encoders (Magnetic & Optical), Rotary Encoders

Schneider Electric IMS

Schneider Electric IMS – Integrated Stepper Motor/Drive products, Linear Actuators, Gearmotors, Stand-alone and PCB-based Drives and Controls, specialty motors


WAGO – Terminal Block with Push-in CAGE CLAMP®, Modular I/O System

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