Right Angle Gearheads

Parker Bayside Gen II Stealth Gearhead "Right Angle" RX

Stealth® RX incorporates Parker Bayside''s helical planetary technology in a lower cost package. Available in NEMA and Metric frame sizes, Stealth RX delivers high torque and quiet, smooth operation for less demanding servo applications.

Parker Bayside Gen II Stealth Gearhead "Right Angle" RS

Parker Bayside's Stealth Advanced RS Right Angle Planetary Gearhead delivers the high performance features of our STEALTH RS in a compact, right angle package. With 7 frame sizes and 9 gear ratios to choose from, you are guaranteed to find a Stealth Advanced RS gearhead to fit your servo motor applications.

Stealth''s superior design and construction deliver "The Helical Advantage:

  • Strong...30% more Torque
  • Quiet...Less than 70db Noise
  • Fast...6,000 RPM Input Speeds
  • Accurate...Less than 4 Arc minutes Backlash
  • Plus . . . Over 94% Efficiency

Alpha LK+

Offering exception value for money, Wittenstein’s servo right angle bevel gear reducer provides the perfect solution in all applications where economic efficiency is a top priority.

The alpha LK+ is the right-angle equivalent to the successful alpha LP+ low-backlash planetary gearhead. It unleashes previously inaccessible potentials for innovations in a host of popular servo applications demanding low-to-medium precision.

Alpha HG+

With the alpha HG+, your applications can achieve optimal machine efficiency and design freedoms.  The HG+ was the first hypoid gear reducer developed for high-speed applications. Since its introduction to the market, design engineers have taken advantage of its innovative design to apply it in a variety of applications.

The shift to one-stage gearing in this product works better than the technology in traditional servo worm gears or larger, more complicated, two and three stage gearheads with bevel stages.

Alpha SK+/SPK+

Offering excellent performance, the alpha SK+ offers various options when building your machines while enables the use of space-saving right angle servo gearboxes for many applications for which earlier coaxial gearboxes were necessary.

The hypoid gearset, which is the key innovation of the product, has three important advantages compared with the conventional bevel gear: it offers a higher torque because of the larger pinion, it makes cost savings possible because of high ratios in one stage and its noise is significantly lower due to the difference between straight cut and helical gear teeth in spur gear technology.

Alpha TK+/TPK+

The alpha TK+ right angle servo gearhead from Wittenstein offers a double technology advantage for all applications with high reduction ratios (i=12 or more). It opens the door to far reaching enhancements for numerous key applications in the machine building and automation industries.

TPK+ is a two-stage right-angle gearhead for servo applications featuring a robot flange according to ISO 9409 (without a pin). It is equipped on the output side with the alpha TP+ planetary gearhead. The focus of alpha TPK+ is on power density, notably in the torque, the torsional stiffness and the torsional backlash.

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