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Belt Driven Positioners

High Moment Rodless Linear Actuator

Parker Hannifin’s new, High Moment Rodless linear actuator series is one of the most user friendly and versatile actuator lines on the market today. With 5 different frame sizes, 2 different drive train options, multiple mounting and carriage options, and an IP54 protective cover option, along with a multitude of other customizable features the HMR was truly designed with flexibility in mind. HMR High Moment Rodless Linear Actuator Features:

  • 5 profile sizes- 085, 110, 150, 180 and 240mm
  • Dual drive train- Precision Ground Ball Screw or High Efficiency Timing Belt
  • Load capacity up to 26,600 N
  • Max thrust to 5,560N (Screw) and 4,000N (Belt)
  • Standard strokes up to 4000mm (Screw) and 6000mm (Belt)
  • Max speed to 1.6 m/s (Screw) and 5 m/s (Belt)
  • 2 Profile types- Basic and Reinforced
  • Tandem and bi-parting carriage options
  • Optional sensor locations- Internal (protected under the cover) or External
  • IP54 rated cover option
  • Ambient temperature range- -30°C to +80°C

Parker OSPE B

The Parker OSPE..B belt driven linear actuator is a cost effective solution designed for light to medium industrial applications requiring high speeds and long travels. The OSPE..B comes standard with an internal slider bearing guide, and is part of the Origa System Plus family, a family well known for high performance, high quality and low cost of ownership.

  • 3 bore sizes available: 25, 32 and 50
  • Max normal load = 850 N (190 lbs)
  • Standard travel up to 5 meters
  • ±0.05 mm/m bidirectional repeatability
  • Internal slider bearing guide standard
  • Externally attached bearing options for higher loads and moments
  • IP54 strip seal
  • 8000 km life rating

    Parker OSPE BHD

    The Parker OSPE..BHD belt driven actuator is the highest performing Series from the Origa System Plus family. This actuator, which comes standard with an integrated ball bearing guide, uses a side-driven belt design, offering such desirable features as high rigidity and a low-profile design.

    • 4 bore sizes available: 20, 25, 32 and 50
    • Max normal load = 15,000 N (3,400 lbs)
    • Standard travel up to 5 meters
    • ±0.05 mm/m bidirectional repeatability
    • Integrated ball bearing guide standard
    • High-speed roller bearing guide option – 10 m/s
    • IP54 strip seal
    • 8000 km life rating

      Parker Daedal ERV Belt Driven Actuator

      Expanding on the ER, the new ERV is designed with an external carriage containing outboard roller bearing support for higher loads. The actuator is designed to directly interface with our structural framing, providing a simple and cost effective solution for single or multiple-axis systems.

      • Two Sizes: 5 & 8
      • Travel Range: Up to 6.0 meters
      • Load Capacity: Up to 4480N
      • Maximum Speed: 5 meters/sec.
      • Duty Cycle: 100%
      • Internal Drive Belt

      Parker Daedal HPLA Belt Driven Actuator

      The next generation of belt driven modules, the HPLA expands on the roller wheel bearing design with the addition of high-load capacity steel wheels. The steel wheels significantly increase normal and moment load capacities of this belt driven actuator.

      • Travel Range: Up to 9.0 meters
      • Load Capacity: Up to 1530kg
      • Maximum Speed: 5 meters/sec.
      • Duty Cycle: 100%
      • Full range of sizes: 80mm, 120mm, 180mm Square Profiles

      Parker Daedal HLE Belt Driven Actuator

      HLE-RB electromechanical positioners are designed to rapidly shuttle payloads to multiple locations along a linear travel path. A unique composite roller wheel bearing design is coupled with a timing belt and pulley drive mechanism to provide long quiet travel at high speed and high acceleration. These proven performers (thousands of units in operation worldwide) serve as the primary building blocks for Parker pre-engineered gantry systems or customer designed multi-axis automation systems

        • Standard travel up to 8 meters (longer available)
        • Four cross sectional sizes to choose from - 60,80,100, or 150mm
        • Load capacities up to 600 Kg
        • +/- 0.2 mm positional repeatability
        • Steel reinforced timing belt for high thrust and positional repeatability ( 0.2 mm)
        • Sealed roller wheel bearings for long service life
        • IP30 strip seal

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