Stand Alone

The Most Powerful Motion Controller and EtherCAT® Network Manager

  • Up to 64 fully synchronized axes
  • Up to 5KHz rate of profile generation and EtherCAT cycle
  • NetworkBoost network failure detection and recovery with ring topology
  • Up to 1GbE Ethernet host communication
  • Open Architecture - ACS’ and other vendor’s EtherCAT devices, drives and I/O
  • Comprehensive set of support tools for EtherCAT Network setup, axis tuning, application development, and diagnostics

ACS’ SPiiPlusEC is a state of the art line of Motion controllers and EtherCAT master.

It is specifically designed to extend the capabilities of the SPiiPlus line of controllers and EtherCAT master, to address the needs of modern machinery for cost effective high performance multi-axis, scalable and distributed control of motion centric applications. The SPiiPlusEC open architecture operates in conjunction with ACS’ line of EtherCAT servo and step motor drives and I/Os modules, as well as with any certified third party EtherCAT module that complies with CAN over EtherCAT (CoE) protocol. The unique optional feature increases machines’ uptime using ring topology based redundancy to continue operation upon a network failure.

The SPiiPlusEC EtherCAT cycle and profile generation rate is 1 to 5kHz. ACS drives execute the servo control algorithms at a 20kHz rate using a distributed clock to ensure synchronization of better than 0.1 microsecond between all axes.

The SPiiPlusEC is complemented by the SPiiPlusNT suite of software tools that are designed to minimize time to market and to address the specific machine requirements throughout its whole life cycle. It provides extraordinarily easy automatic network setup, fast host and embedded application development, and quick diagnostics. Set up of third party drives are done using by the third party tuning tools. Once connected to the EtherCAT network, real time variables, such as position, position error, velocity and others can be viewed, monitored and recorded with ACS’ tools. All tools include a built-in simulator, powerful remote access and diagnostics, and fast error recovery, reducing training effort and costs.

Designed for the global machine market, the Parker Automation Controller (PAC) combines advanced logic, signal handling, multi-axis motion, and visualization into one performance-driven solution.

  • Intel® Atom™ N2600 Dual-core, 1.60 GHz, 64-bit, w/ Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology
  • IEC61131-3 Programming (LD, ST, CFC, FBD, SFC, IL)
  • PLCopen Motion Control (Parts I & II)
  • CNC Programming/Editor Conforming to DIN66025
  • Embedded Web-visualization
  • High-speed EtherCAT for Motion and I/O
  • Dual LANs for Network Separation
  • Local and Remote I/O
  • OPC Server, Modbus TCP, EtherCAT, and Dual LANs as Standard
  • Ethernet/IP, Profinet, and Profibus Options

The SPiiPlusCMnt-2-320 is a state of the art line of EtherCAT network multi-axis machine and motion controllers with two built-in universal drives.

  • Integrated EtherCAT master with two built-in drives
    - Up to 32 axes and thousands of I/O - Open Architecture – Command ACS and third party EtherCAT drives and I/O
  • A rich set of tools for application development, set up, tuning and diagnostics
  • Powerful ACSPL+ multitasking motion and IEC-61131-3 PLC programming languages
  • All capabilities and features of the field proven SPiiPlus line of high performance control modules
  • Two built-in drives
    - 85 to 265Vac, up to 7.5A continuous and 15A peak current (~1.6kW/3.2kW @230Vac)
    - Dual feedback per axis
    - 20kHz sampling and update rate of all control loops
    - Safe Torque Off (STO)
  • Digital I/O: 8 + 8
  • Analog I/O: 4 + 2, 12 bit resolution

The ACR9000 is Parker’s premier standalone motion controller, capable of controlling up to 8 axes of motion.  The ACR9000 excels as a standalone machine and motion controller, interfacing with or working alongside a PLC. The ACR9000 includes easy-to-use projectdevelopment tools that enable fast, efficient application creation and maintenance. The ACR9000 is the solution for standalone applications requiring industry-leading performance in an affordable and easy-to-use package.

  • Up to 8 axes of servo or stepper control
  • 150 MFLOPS, 32-bit floating-point DSP
  • Advanced Multitasking of up to 24 simultaneous programs
  • Interpolation of 8 axes in any combination
  • Up to 10 encoder inputs at 20 MHz
  • 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
  • Supports EtherNet/IP protocol
  • USB2.0
  • Absolute Encoder support via SSI
  • Up to 48 optically isolated onboard inputs/outputs
  • 1MB of application memory
  • 120/240 VAC power input
  • CE (EMC & LVD), UL, cUL approval
  • Includes ACr-View SDK with Servo Tuning, Configuration and Diagnostic Tools
  • CANopen Expansion I/O port for Parker I/O family

ETHERNET Powerlink expands the ACR9000 family by adding real-time motion control over standard Ethernet. The high-speed digital communications network enhances machine performance and configuration possibilities while reducing set-up time and installation complexity.

  • Control of 16 ETHERNET Powerlink drives
  • Up to 8 axes of servo or stepper control
  • 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
  • USB 2.0
  • EtherNet/IP compatibility
  • ACR-View SDK with Tuning, Configuration and Diagnostic Tools
  • CANopen Expansion I/O port for Parker I/O family
  • Multitasking of up to 24 simultaneous programs
  • Interpolation of 8 axes in any combination

Parker Compumotor’s revolutionary 6K Controller is an embedded motion controller or stand-alone motion controller built into one convenient package. The 6K is a multi-axis motion controller capable of solving basic to complex motion control applications including: pick-and-place, packaging, following, cam profiling and hundreds of others. The 6K utilizes Ethernet communications to allow high speed connections to many different products such as PLCs, HMIs, I/O modules and vision systems.

  • 1-8 axes of stepper/servo control (any combination)
  • Outputs standard +/- 10V or step & direction
  • Servo update rates of 62.5 µ/axis
  • Motion Planner Software provided 10 Mbps twisted pair Ethernet
  • TCP/IP and UDP protocol
  • 4-8 digital outputs

The MC4U (Machine Control for You) is a flexible automation controller that integrates the drives and power supplies with a high performance SPiiPlus machine controller. The MC4U lowers the cost of controlling machines with a PLC and up to 64 demanding axes by eliminating the need for an intelligent controller for each axis and a separate PLC.

MC4U features and benefits:

  • Integrated 8-axis machine controller, 8 universal drives and power supply
  • Units can be networked together to create a fully integrated solution for up to 64 axes and hundreds of I/Os
  • Wide power range of motor drives - from 100W to 10kW
  • EtherCAT, CANopen, MODBUS and Ethernet/IP protocols support
  • Can be programmed both by PLCopen IEC61131-3 languages and by ACSPL+, a powerful motion language, developed by ACS
  • High axis density
  • Short lead time for a fully custom-tailored application
  • Shorter development time, reduced risk, lower cost
  • ACS field proven robustness and reliability


MC4U Machine & Motion Controllers

SPiiPlus 3U – High performance motion controller for up to 8 centralized axes.

SPiiPlus 3U-LT – Economical controller for up to 8 centralized axes.  Up to 64 nodes of additional CANOpen drives and I/Os can be added. A wide range of third party I/O, integrated step motor and servo drives with CANOpen are qualified and supported.

SPiiPlusNT - EtherCAT master control plugged into an MC4U.

MC4U Drives

DDM Series PWM Drive - Provide a cost-effective solution featuring current loop digital control, low noise, low position jitter and smooth constant velocity. Each drive can be programmed to control one of the following motors: AC Synchronous (DC Brushless), DC Brush, Step motor with high resolution micro steps and AC Asynchronous (AC Induction).

LDM Series Linear Drive - Specifically designed for applications with the most demanding specifications for jitter, smoothness and electrical noise. The drive can be programmed to control any type of single, two or three phase motor.

SPiiPlusDC – MC4U EtherCAT slaved Drive Controller. When installed in an MC4U, it converts it into an EtherCAT slave multi-axis (up to 8 axes) drive module. It accepts motion profiles from the EtherCAT master controller and executes the real-time control algorithms.

MC4U Power Supply

A wide range of power supplies is available to match the motor drives from 28Vdc to 560Vdc. An MC4U configuration can include two supplies in a single enclosure to support two voltages or enhance power. The high voltage supplies include a shunt regulator and a 100W resistor. If more dissipation
power is needed, an external 600W shunt resistor is available.

SPiiPlusCMhp/ba Control Module and EtherCAT Master, 3 Drives, AC input, up to 15/30A

Up to 32 axes and thousands of I/O

  • Open Architecture – Command ACS and third party EtherCAT drives and I/O
  • Plug-in replacement for the series of SPiiPlusCM Control Modules
  • Two versions: Economical (ba) and High Performance (hp)
  • Three built-in drives: 85 to 265Vac, up to 15A continuous and 30A peak current, 4 encoders, 20kHz sampling and update rate of all control loops
  • Digital I/O: 8/8 general purpose inputs / outputs, 4 Registration Mark inputs,2/8 PEG outputs (Pulse/States), 3 motor brake outputs 24V/1A
  • Analog I/O: 8/2
  • Optional built-in 4-axis Pulse/Dir interface

The SPiiPlusCMHP/BA is a state of the art series of EtherCAT motion controllers with three built-in universal drives. It addresses the needs of modern machinery for both economical and for high performance, scalable and distributed control for motion centric applications. Its open architecture operates in conjunction with ACS’ line of EtherCAT servo and step motor drives and I/Os modules, as well as with any certified EtherCAT module that complies with Can over EtherCAT (CoE) protocol, providing a comprehensive and cost effective control solution for demanding machinery. The SPiiPlusCMhp/ba controls and generates the motion profile for up to 32 axes.

The SPiiPlusCMHP addresses high accuracy demanding applications, while the SPiiPlusCMBA econo version addresses more price sensitive applications. The SPiiPlusCMHP/BA are complemented by the SPiiPlus NT suite of software tools with built-in simulator that minimizes development effort and time to market. It provides extraordinarily easy setup, fast host and embedded application development, and quick diagnostics, reducing efforts and costs. The built-in drives are offered with three current levels: 5/10A, 10/20A and 15/30A ((cont./peak). The modules are powered by a single or three-phase AC from 24 to 265Vac (rectified internally to generate a Vac x 1.4 motor voltage) and by a separate 24Vdc control supply that keeps all low voltage signals alive during emergency conditions. It supports a wide range of position feedback devices: incremental digital, analog SIN-COS, and absolute encoders. The modules are optionally available with built-in additional 4-axis control of drives with Pulse/Dir interface. The series are a plug-in replacement to the series of SPiiPlusCM control modules with identical dimensions and pin-to-pin connectivity.

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