The PreciseFlex™ DDR Robots provide the features, price, and repeatability of traditional industrial robots, and ensures both ease-of-use and safety that meets ISO/TS 15066 standards.

  • Range of Motion - 4 & 6 Axis
  • Repeatability - 20 microns
  • Cycle Time - 1.25 sec for 25 mm x 300 mm x 25 mm cycle with 5kg
  • Maximum Payload - Up to 8 kg


PreciseFlex™ direct-drive collaborative robots provide the features, price and repeatability offered by traditional robots with the ease of use of popular collaborative robots.

These new robots feature direct-drive motors in the base and elbow and a gear belt drive for the Z axis, allowing by hand teaching and eliminating the large collision forces resulting from harmonicdrive robots. This patented design approach allows the robots to move at speeds similar to people, even when people are present in the workcell, while still limiting forces to the ISO collaborative robot standard. Thus, operators can move freely around the robot without concerns for their safety or reducing productivity

Compared to vertically-articulated robots, the cylindrical working volume of these robots requires a much smaller footprint in the factory. The outer link moves under the inner link, allowing the robot to move from side to side without swinging the tool through a large radius and allowing higher tool speed motions with lower kinetic energy, since the arm is “tucked in”. This further minimizes collision forces. Soft foam covers cushion collisions and protect operators.

Catalog & Specifications
PreciseFlex DDR Brochure 

User Guides
PreciseFlex DDR Hardware Reference Manual 


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