Stepnet Plus TEL is a high-performance DC powered microstepping drive for control of hybrid stepping motors via EtherCAT using the CAN Application protocol for EtherCAT (CoE). Microstepping modes are Profile Position, Interpolated Position Mode (PVT), and Homing. With encoder feedback, the TEL can operate a stepper as a brushless servo motor, enabling Cyclic Sync Position/Velocity/ Torque operation.

As well as operating on EtherCAT networks, the TEL also supports the following traditional control modes: step/direction, RS-232 ASCII, master encoder for gearing and camming, digital input commands to initiate predetermined motion sequences.

Drive commissioning is fast and simple using CME 2™ software operating under Windows® and communicating with the TEL via RS-232 or an EtherCAT network.

Feedback from incremental and absolute encoders is supported. A multi-mode encoder port functions as an input or output depending on the drive’s basic setup. As an input it takes feedback from a secondary encoder to create a dual-loop position control system or as a master encoder for driving a cam table.

Catalog & Specifications
Stepnet Plus 1-Axis Panel Catalog

User Guides
CME2 User Guide
ASCII Programmers Guide
CMO (Copley Motion Objects) Guide

STepnet Plus 1-Axis Panel Drawings (dxf, iges)

CME 2 Software

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