Parker CTC P1 Powerstations

The new P13 PowerStation is the perfect replacement for the CTC P1, P1H, P1P

PowerStation or MotionPanel HMI. With the P13, you can run the same Interact HMI software and applications as your P1 – with no conversion necessary! You get the same Interact modules, expandability and communication drivers with the P13 – all on a more advanced hardware platform that drops into the same cutout as your P1. The P13 even offers a faster processor, brighter display, longer bulb life and a lower price than the original P1. And since its Parker CTC designed and manufactured, you get an industrial-hardened, NEMA 4/4X design with CompactFlash storage,100-Base-T Ethernet connectivity and other powerful features that you’ve come to expect from a PowerStation.

The P13 PowerStation requires Interact Version 6.17 or higher.

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