Parker Daedal 400LXR Linear Motor Positioner

The 400LXR Series linear servo motor tables are pre-engineered "plug and play" modules that combine slotless linear motor technology with performance matched mechanical elements to provide, high acceleration, high velocity, and quick settling, with accurate, highly repeatable positioning.

Offering an unrivaled range of features, sizes, travels, and ease-of-use options, these tables make it easy to size, select, and integrate a "best fit" linear motor solution. An innovative cable management system (with a convenient "pass-through" for user requirements) spearheads the list of selectable options which includes drives, encoder resolutions, Home and Limit sensors, cleanroom compatibility, pinning and more.

  • Sizes: 4", 6" 12" wide stages
  • Velocity to 3 m/sec.
  • Acceleration to 5 Gs
  • Encoder resolution to 0.1 microns
  • Long life cable management system
  • Proven protective strip seal
  • Certified accuracy and repeatability
  • Quick delivery

Catalog & Specifications

User Guides
404LXR Hardware Installation Guide
406LXR Hardware Installation Guide
412LXR Hardware Installation Guide


2D Drawings
3D Drawings
404LXR (dxf ) 404LXR (stp)
406LXR (dxf) 404LXR (igs)
412LXR (dxf) 406LXR (stp)
  406LXR (igs)
  412LXR (stp)
  412LXR (igs)

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