PDR Series Precision Direct Drive Rotary Tables

Primatics PDR rotary tables are among the most advanced direct drive tables available. They feature a high performance direct drive motor that creates sub arc-second repeatability and fast settling times, making the PDR series ideal for semiconductor wafer inspection, high speed laser machining & precision metrology. The compact design also has a smaller footprint than comparable worm drives

  • Direct drive continuous rotary motion
  • Space saving, compact design, the PDR is among the most compact direct drive stage on the market.
  • 110-210 mm diameter model's
  • Low maintenance & longer life; integrated brushless servo direct drive motor eliminates gear wear, backlash and torque variation associated with worm drive and belt driven stages.
  • High pole count aids in obtaining low velocity ripple.
  • Resolutions to 0.18 arc-seconds
  • Clean design; all multiplication electronics are internal and there is only one cable necessary for external connections.
  • Class 10 cleanroom option

Catalog & Specifications
PDR110 Datasheet 
PDR160 Datasheet 
PDR210 Datasheet 

User Guides
PDR Manual 

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