Hydraulic cylinders provide long life and high force in a small package size. The FTX Series high force electric actuators were designed specifically to allow migration from traditional hydraulic actuation to electric. Based on planetary roller screw technology, the FTX offers life and force density not attainable with more common ball screw based electric actuators. With up to 15X the life and 2X the force density, the roller screw based FTX is the right choice when migrating from hydraulic to electric actuation.

Rugged and Reliable

Hydraulic cylinders are commonly installed in harsh industrial settings. Therefore all FTX Series models are environmentally sealed to IP65. In addition, its planetary roller screw mechanism withstands significantly higher shock loads than weaker ball screw alternatives. Migrate to electric with confidence knowing the FTX Series is every bit as rugged and reliable as the hydraulics they are designed to replace.

Minimal Maintenance

More and more machine builders are looking to eliminate the mess and downtime associated with hydraulic fluid leaks. Electric actuation not only eliminates the problems associated with fluid leaks, it offers significantly higher levels of performance and flexibility than is possible even with servo-hydraulic solutions. FTX Series roller screw actuators allow machine builders to meet the ever-increasing performance demands of their customers while minimizing or eliminating the maintenance issues associated with traditional hydraulic solutions.

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FTX Front Seal Gland Replacement


How to change or add oil to your FTX Series actuators


How to regrease Exlar FTX Actuators

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