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Parker 6K (6K2, 6K4, 6K6, 6K8)

Parker Compumotor’s revolutionary 6K Controller is an embedded motion controller or stand-alone motion controller built into one convenient package. The 6K is a multi-axis motion controller capable of solving basic to complex motion control applications including: pick-and-place, packaging, following, cam profiling and hundreds of others. The 6K utilizes Ethernet communications to allow high speed connections to many different products such as PLCs, HMIs, I/O modules and vision systems.

  • 1-8 axes of stepper/servo control (any combination)
  • Outputs standard +/- 10V or step & direction
  • Servo update rates of 62.5 µ/axis
  • Motion Planner Software provided 10 Mbps twisted pair Ethernet
  • TCP/IP and UDP protocol
  • 4-8 digital outputs

Catalog & Specifications

User Guides
Hardware Installation Guide
Programmers Guide
Command Reference

Motion Planner

6K 2-Axis(DXF)
6K 4-Axis(DXF)
6K 6-Axis(DXF)
6K 8-Axis(DXF)

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