The MC4U (Machine Control for You) is a flexible automation controller that integrates the drives and power supplies with a high performance SPiiPlus machine controller. The MC4U lowers the cost of controlling machines with a PLC and up to 64 demanding axes by eliminating the need for an intelligent controller for each axis and a separate PLC.

MC4U features and benefits:

  • Integrated 8-axis machine controller, 8 universal drives and power supply
  • Units can be networked together to create a fully integrated solution for up to 64 axes and hundreds of I/Os
  • Wide power range of motor drives - from 100W to 10kW
  • EtherCAT, CANopen, MODBUS and Ethernet/IP protocols support
  • Can be programmed both by PLCopen IEC61131-3 languages and by ACSPL+, a powerful motion language, developed by ACS
  • High axis density
  • Short lead time for a fully custom-tailored application
  • Shorter development time, reduced risk, lower cost
  • ACS field proven robustness and reliability

MC4U Machine & Motion Controllers

SPiiPlus 3U – High performance motion controller for up to 8 centralized axes.

SPiiPlus 3U-LT – Economical controller for up to 8 centralized axes.  Up to 64 nodes of additional CANOpen drives and I/Os can be added. A wide range of third party I/O, integrated step motor and servo drives with CANOpen are qualified and supported.

SPiiPlusNT - EtherCAT master control plugged into an MC4U.

MC4U Drives

DDM Series PWM Drive - Provide a cost-effective solution featuring current loop digital control, low noise, low position jitter and smooth constant velocity. Each drive can be programmed to control one of the following motors: AC Synchronous (DC Brushless), DC Brush, Step motor with high resolution micro steps and AC Asynchronous (AC Induction).

LDM Series Linear Drive - Specifically designed for applications with the most demanding specifications for jitter, smoothness and electrical noise. The drive can be programmed to control any type of single, two or three phase motor.

SPiiPlusDC – MC4U EtherCAT slaved Drive Controller. When installed in an MC4U, it converts it into an EtherCAT slave multi-axis (up to 8 axes) drive module. It accepts motion profiles from the EtherCAT master controller and executes the real-time control algorithms.

MC4U Power Supply

A wide range of power supplies is available to match the motor drives from 28Vdc to 560Vdc. An MC4U configuration can include two supplies in a single enclosure to support two voltages or enhance power. The high voltage supplies include a shunt regulator and a 100W resistor. If more dissipation
power is needed, an external 600W shunt resistor is available.

Catalog & Specifications
MC4U Controllers Data Sheet
MC4U PWM Drives Data Sheet
MC4U LDM Drives Data Sheet
MC4U Power Supplies Data Sheet


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