ACS SPiiPlus CMhp/ba

SPiiPlusCMhp/ba Control Module and EtherCAT Master, 3 Drives, AC input, up to 15/30A

Up to 32 axes and thousands of I/O

  • Open Architecture – Command ACS and third party EtherCAT drives and I/O
  • Plug-in replacement for the series of SPiiPlusCM Control Modules
  • Two versions: Economical (ba) and High Performance (hp)
  • Three built-in drives: 85 to 265Vac, up to 15A continuous and 30A peak current, 4 encoders, 20kHz sampling and update rate of all control loops
  • Digital I/O: 8/8 general purpose inputs / outputs, 4 Registration Mark inputs,2/8 PEG outputs (Pulse/States), 3 motor brake outputs 24V/1A
  • Analog I/O: 8/2
  • Optional built-in 4-axis Pulse/Dir interface

The SPiiPlusCMHP/BA is a state of the art series of EtherCAT motion controllers with three built-in universal drives. It addresses the needs of modern machinery for both economical and for high performance, scalable and distributed control for motion centric applications. Its open architecture operates in conjunction with ACS’ line of EtherCAT servo and step motor drives and I/Os modules, as well as with any certified EtherCAT module that complies with Can over EtherCAT (CoE) protocol, providing a comprehensive and cost effective control solution for demanding machinery. The SPiiPlusCMhp/ba controls and generates the motion profile for up to 32 axes.

The SPiiPlusCMHP addresses high accuracy demanding applications, while the SPiiPlusCMBA econo version addresses more price sensitive applications. The SPiiPlusCMHP/BA are complemented by the SPiiPlus NT suite of software tools with built-in simulator that minimizes development effort and time to market. It provides extraordinarily easy setup, fast host and embedded application development, and quick diagnostics, reducing efforts and costs. The built-in drives are offered with three current levels: 5/10A, 10/20A and 15/30A ((cont./peak). The modules are powered by a single or three-phase AC from 24 to 265Vac (rectified internally to generate a Vac x 1.4 motor voltage) and by a separate 24Vdc control supply that keeps all low voltage signals alive during emergency conditions. It supports a wide range of position feedback devices: incremental digital, analog SIN-COS, and absolute encoders. The modules are optionally available with built-in additional 4-axis control of drives with Pulse/Dir interface. The series are a plug-in replacement to the series of SPiiPlusCM control modules with identical dimensions and pin-to-pin connectivity.

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