MDrive® Plus Ethernet products integrate 1.8° 2-phase stepper motor, motion controller, drive electronics and optional encoder. MDrive products are EtherNet/IP adapter class devices capable of explicit or implicit messaging. ODVA compliance also enables standardized interface with many other manufacturer systems. ModbusTCP protocol is also supported, operating in immediate mode, not programmable products. Communication may also be via MCode/TCP, a version of the MCode instruction set used for RS422/ 485 serial communication products, adapted to utilize TCP/IP message formatting.

Features include:

  • NEMA 23 1.8° brushless stepper motor
  • Microstepping driver
  • +12 to +75 VDC input range (+12 to +60 - quad length motor)
  • ODVA compliant adapter class device
  • Explicit and implicit messaging
  • Simplified networking over TCP/IP
  • Optional magnetic encoder with index mark,internal to the unit
  • 4 motor length choices
  • MCode/TCP and MODBUS/TCP included

Catalog & Specifications
MDrive EtherNet/IP Datasheet 

User Guides
MDrive EtherNet/IP Hardware Installation Guide
EtherNet/IP Fieldbus Manual 
MODBUS/TCP Fieldbus Manual 
Programmers Guide

SEM Terminal 
IMS Terminal (for older Windows 32 OS)
TCP Configuration Utility 

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