The Liberty MDrive CANopen is an integrated NEMA 23 (57 mm) high torque 1.8° stepper motor integrated with an advanced, high resolution microstepping driver and a full featured CANopen interface supporting CiA DS301: CANopen Application Layer and Communication Profile and DSP402: Device Profile for Drives and Motion Control.

Liberty MDrive CANopen benefits

CANopen is a CAN based higher level protocol used in applications such as automotive, medical equipment, packaging, maritime electronics and railways. Some of the advantages of a CANopen network are: Designed for distributed control Lower cost, simple two-wire interface Interoperability of different devices with standardized device profiles Open, vendor independant protocol with standarization (EN50325-4)

Catalog & Specifications
Liberty MDrive CANopen Datasheet 

User Guides
Liberty MDrive CANopen Hardware Manual NEMA 17 
Liberty MDrive CANopen Hardware Manual NEMA 23/34 
Liberty MDrive CANopen Fieldbus Manual 
Liberty MDrive Software Suite Manual 

Nema17 1-Stack Liberty MDrive (stp)
Nema17 2-Stack Liberty MDrive (stp) 
Nema17 3-Stack Liberty MDrive (stp) 
Nema23 1-Stack Liberty MDrive (stp) 
Nema23 2-Stack Liberty MDrive (stp)  
Nema23 3-Stack Liberty MDrive (stp)
Nema34 1-Stack Liberty MDrive (stp)
Nema34 2-Stack Liberty MDrive (stp)
Nema34 3-Stack Liberty MDrive (stp)

Liberty MDrive Software Suite 


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