MDrive® Plus Motion Control products integrate 1.8° 2-phase stepper motor, fully programmable motion controller, drive electronics and optional encoder. Products with encoders include stall detection, position maintenance, and find index mark. Programming for these stand-alone motion control solutions is via RS-422/485 interface with MCode software using simple 1 to 2 character instructions. ModbusTCP protocol is also available.

Plus - standard features:

  • 4 digital inputs / outputs
  • 1 analog input
Plus2 - expanded features:
  • 8 digital inputs / outputs
  • 2 digital high-speed inputs / outputs
  • 1 digital high-speed capture input or trip output
  • 1 analog input
Plus2 - expanded features and encoder:
  • 4 digital inputs / outputs
  • 3 digital high-speed differential inputs for internal encoder
  • 1 digital high-speed capture input or trip output
  • 1 analog input

Catalog & Specifications
M-Drive 14 Motion Control Catalog
M-Drive 17 Motion Control Catalog

M-Drive 23 Motion Control Catalog
M-Drive 34 Motion Control Catalog
M-Drive 34-AC Motion Control Catalog

User Guides
Nema 14 Quick Reference Guide
Nema 17 Quick Reference Guide

Nema 23 Quick Reference Guide
Nema 34 Quick Reference Guide
Nema 34-AC Quick Reference Guide
Nema 14 Hardware Installation Guide
Nema 17 Hardware Installation Guide
Nema 23 Hardware Installation Guide
Nema 34 Hardware Installation Guide
Nema 34-AC Hardware Installation Guide
Programmers Guide

Nema14 1-Stack MDrive (stp)
Nema14 3-Stack MDrive (stp)
Nema17 1-Stack MDrive (stp)

Nema17 2-Stack MDrive (stp)
Nema17 3-Stack MDrive (stp)
Nema23 1-Stack MDrive (stp)
Nema23 2-Stack MDrive (stp)
Nema23 3-Stack MDrive (stp)
Nema23 4-Stack MDrive (stp)
Nema34 1-Stack MDrive (stp)
Nema34 2-Stack MDrive (stp)
Nema34 3-Stack MDrive (stp)

SEM Terminal 
IMS Terminal (for older Windows 32 OS) 

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