MDrive® Plus Speed Control products integrate 1.8° 2-phase stepper motor, programmable velocity control, drive electronics and optional encoder. Programmable velocity control uses voltage, current, or PWM analog input signal modes.

Product settings may be changed on-the-fly, or downloaded and stored in nonvolatile memory using the SPI Motor Interface software provided. This eliminates the need for external switches or resistors. Parameters are changed via an SPI port.

  • Sizes: Nema 17, 23 & 34
  • Analog Speed (voltage or current)
  • Direction
  • Start/Stop
Parameter setup is made with an IMS-supplied SPI interface program running on a Windows-based PC for:
  • Microstep resolution (up to 256 per full step or 51,200 per motor revolution)
  • Step frequency for maximum analog value
  • Filter for analog value
  • Run current and hold current (in percent)
  • Direction of rotation (CW or CCW)
  • Velocity control with acceleration and deceleration ramp

Catalog & Specifications
M-Drive 17 Motor+Driver Speed Control Catalog
M-Drive 23 Motor+Driver Speed Control Catalog
M-Drive 34 Motor+Driver Speed Control Catalog

User Guides
Nema 17 Quick Reference Guide
Nema 23 Quick Reference Guide
Nema 34 Quick Reference Guide
Nema 17 & 23 Hardware Installation Guide
Programmers Guide

Nema17 1-Stack MDrive (stp)
Nema17 2-Stack MDrive (stp)
Nema17 3-Stack MDrive (stp)
Nema23 1-Stack MDrive (stp)
Nema23 2-Stack MDrive (stp)
Nema23 3-Stack MDrive (stp)
Nema23 4-Stack MDrive (stp)
Nema34 1-Stack MDrive (stp)
Nema34 2-Stack MDrive (stp)
Nema34 3-Stack MDrive (stp)

SPI Interface

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