Parker Daedal 401XR - 412XR Standard Series

The “400XR” standard series linear positioners offer reliable performance and unmatched versatility. Convenient mounting features enable XY table combinations to be quickly and easily constructed. The XR family offers an unrivaled array of features and options which are easily matched to fit any application, from the very basic to the highly complex. Premier performance, modular compatibility, and quick delivery have made these tables the perfect building blocks for cost-effective multi-axis systems.

  • 24/7 operation at 100% duty
  • Dowel holes for repeatable mounting
  • IP30 rated protective strip seals
  • Travels up to 2 meters
  • Optional single point lube for easy maintence
  • Full range of sizes from 90mm to 285mm wide

Catalog & Specifications
400XR Catalog

User Guides
401XR & 402XR Hardware Manual
404XR & 406XR Hardware Manual
412XR Hardware Manual


2D Drawings
3D Drawings
401XR (dxf ) 401XR (stp)
402XR (dxf) 401XR (igs)
404XR (dxf) 402XR (stp)
406XR (dxf) 402XR (igs)
412XR (dxf) 404XR (stp)
  404XR (igs)
  406XR (stp)
  406XR (igs)
  412XR (stp)
  412XR (igs)

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