Parker Daedal 400XE Economy Series

The 400XE series combines a rugged steel body construction with an integrated precision ball screw and bearing guide producing a highly accurate, cost effective line of tables ideal for applications in the hard disk, semiconductor, medical, machine building and many other industries.

  • 2, 3, & 4 inch wide versions
  • Integrated Bearing
  • Rigid Steel body
  • Multi-axis designs
  • Adjustment free

Catalog & Specifications
400XE Catalog 

User Guides
401XE, 402XE, 403XE Installation Manual 
404XE Installation Manual 


2D Drawings
3D Drawings
404XE (dxf ) 402XET01-70mm (stp)
404XE (dwg) 402XET02-120mm (stp)
  402XET03-170mm (stp)
  402XET04-220mm (stp)
  403XET01-55mm (stp)
  403XET02-105mm (stp)
  403XET03-205mm (stp)
  403XET04-305mm (stp)
  403XET05-405mm (stp)
  403XET06-505mm (stp)
  403XET07-605mm (stp)
  403XET08-655mm (stp)

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