Industry-Leading All-in-One AC Powered Actuator

By combining the latest electronic power technology with advanced thermal management modeling technology, Exlar has set a new benchmark for performance and size. Tritex II Series actuators integrate an AC powered servo drive, digital position controller, brushless motor and linear actuator in a compact, sealed package. Now you can precisely control motion and solve all of your application requirements with a single, fully integrated device. Simply connect AC power, I/O and communications; and it’s ready to go!

Dramatically Increase Performance

Tritex II electric actuators are the new standard of excellence for compact, power dense, servo driven devices. These linear actuators provide all the advantages of planetary roller screw design and fit within the space required for existing hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders. Now you can easily eliminate troublesome ball screw actuators and replace existing electric, hydraulic or pneumatic systems, without compromising on power.

Significantly Reduce Required Space and Operating Costs

These robust actuators deliver greater reliability and performance along with a small form factor. Since the servo drive and digital positioner are housed in a single, sealed package, space requirements are reduced. Moreover the integral design eliminates labor costs associated with mounting and wiring the panels. At the same time, you do away with the need for expensive, high maintenance servo cables and the associated long distance signal issues.

Other Advantages

  • Maximum power, precision, speed and repeatability in a compact package
  • Engineered for closed loop servo systems
  • IP54S environmental sealing standard (IP65S and IP66S options available)
  • 100% duty cycle for hundreds of millions of strokes
  • Hall effect incremental or absolute feedback
  • Sealed housing for extended life and reduced maintenance
  • Rockwell Automation Encompass Product Partner

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