Industry-Leading Fully Integrated DC Powered Actuator

The Tritex II DC powered unit houses a servo drive, digital positioner and electric actuator all in one convenient package. These advanced actuators offer the highest power density and smallest footprint servo drive devices on the market. Their small size and innovative design make it easy to incorporate a fully electronic solution in the space of your existing hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder. Tritex II Series actuators integrate a DC powered servo drive, digital position controller, brushless motor and linear actuator in a compact, sealed package. Now you can precisely control motion and solve your application requirements with a single, fully integrated DC powered actuator.

Power, Performance and Reliability

With continuous force to 872 lbf (3879 kN), peak force to 1190 lbf (5293 kN) and maximum speed to 33 in/sec (800 mm/sec), the Tritex II DC linear actuators offers a powerful and superior solution. The DC power electronics provide maximum reliability over a wide range of ambient temperatures (-40 to +65 degrees Celsius). With its 750W servo amplifier and roller screw design, these actuators are top performers. Standard features such as analog following for position, compound moves, chaining, and individual force/torque control put you in the driver’s seat.

Compact Package and Low Operating Costs

Tritex II is a robust solution with a small form factor that consistently delivers exceptional reliability and performance. Since the electronics and mechanics are housed in a single, sealed package, space requirements and wiring are minimized. Also the integrated design eliminates labor costs associated with panel mounting and wiring. At the same time, it eliminates costly and high maintenance servo cables, while resolving troublesome signal strength issues.

Other Advantages

  • Maximum power, precision and speed in a compact package
  • Superior replacement for pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders
  • Roller screw design eliminates need for inferior ACME and ball screw solutions
  • Programmable software enables automated sequencing
  • Multiple feedback types to best suit your application
  • Seamless integration with your control architecture and processes
  • Engineered for closed loop servo systems
  • 100% duty cycle for hundreds of millions of strokes
  • Sealed housing for extended life and reduced maintenance

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